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Sydney Airport ground access solutions - second submission

posted Friday 12 December 2014
Sydney Airport took submissions on its T2/T3 Ground Access Solutions and Hotel preliminary draft major development plan in September 2014.

Our submission can be seen here.

Sydney Airport then decided to take further submissions. We submitted as follows:

Action for Public Transport is a transport consumer group. Our funds derive almost entirely from membership fees. Our members are users and beneficiaries of public transport.

We refer to our September submission. We note with concern that there seems to be no intention on the airport's part to implement any of the measures in our September submission. We assert that public transport services should be closer to the terminals than all private car access, closer even than taxis and hire cars.

The airport's intention seems to be that bus services at terminals 2 and 3 will be three hundred metres away, hidden in a large car park. That is hardly the way to encourage public transport ridership. We point out that a bus passenger arriving at or departing from a terminal uses much less airport resources than a car passenger and far less resources than a car driver.

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