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Sydney City Centre Capacity Improvement Plan

posted Saturday 10 January 2015
NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) called for public submissions on its plan for a number of minor changes intended to increase road capacity in the Sydney central business district. Action for Public Transport submitted the following:



Action for Public Transport (NSW) is a public transport users' advocacy group, active in Sydney since 1975.

We note that the Plan includes a number of proposed roadworks which are intended to increase road capacity. Except for roadworks that are expressly to facilitate bus services, we generally disapprove of such roadworks. There is much evidence to show that road amplifications in cities such as Sydney do little beyond generate additional traffic that soon absorbs the new capacity, negating travel time savings.

In particular, we disagree for that reason with certain of the proposed roadworks that reduce footpath space. This applies to "reclaiming footpath extensions" and to footpath reductions under any other name.

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