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Bus stops to be deleted in Norton Street

posted Tuesday 8 December 2015
In the name of "improving bus services", the New South Wales government proposes to delete four bus stops in Norton Street, Leichhardt, and replace them with - wait for it - half a dozen parking spots.

The stops under threat are the two at the Marion St corner and the two near the Parramatta Rd corner.

This will leave only two huge bus stops (perhaps with no shelter or seats) on either side of Norton Street near the Plaza. They will have to be huge because six very busy bus routes use them now, plus the L38 and L39 whose stops will be removed.

The next bus stop outbound is a long way down Marion Street, and the next inbound in Parramatta Rd is at Catherine St.

And the connection with the popular 370 bus at Marion St will be lost.

A better way to make the buses go faster would be to build an entry/exit to the Norton Plaza car park in Balmain Road, and close the one in Norton St.

The proposal extends to deleting bus stops at Rozelle and at Parramatta Rd, Camperdown.

Stop this madness. Complain to RMS/Transport for NSW by 18th December 2015.

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