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Heavy trucks helped through traffic first

posted Friday 22 April 2016
A NSW government announcement on 19 April 2016 seems to value heavy trucks at traffic signals above emergency vehicles and buses.
Minister for Roads Duncan Gay has announced a trial to tackle congestion by using connected technology to reduce the number of times trucks stop at traffic lights.

The technology should improve travel time at more than 100 intersections across Sydney, resulting in smoother overall traffic flow for all road users.

"Heavy vehicles take a long time to stop and start which can cause delays for all road users," Mr Gay said.

"This trial will detect a heavy vehicle approaching traffic lights and provide more green time, which will hopefully show us how we can ease delays for all motorists across the whole network in the future.

"We could potentially expand the use of this kind of technology to emergency vehicles and buses which could improve daily commutes - the opportunities are vast."

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