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Vineyard stage 1 precinct

posted Tuesday 28 February 2017
The NSW Department of Planning has called for submissions on its plans for a new residential precinct at Vineyard.

Action for Public Transport has submitted:

Action for Public Transport (NSW) is a transport advocacy group, which has been active in Sydney since 1974. We promote the interests of beneficiaries of public transport; both passengers, and the wider community. We make the following submission on the Plan.
  1. Flood-prone areas:

    We are surprised that the plan intends to put some residential streets into areas within the maximum flood line.

  2. Bus stop spacing:

    We note the specification that bus stops are to be spaced a minimum of 400 metres apart. We think that is overly prescriptive, even for the low-density outer-suburban area that Vineyard stands to become. There may be situations where two trip generators are fairly close together. There should be no specified minimum spacing and nor should there be a specified average spacing. Bus stops should be at appropriate places, including popular origins, destinations and transfer points.

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