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Some 705 items have been collected because of relevance to public transport. Several have appeared in the general media; many haven't. We hope that presenting them here makes them easier to find.

These are the 50 most recent items. For earlier items please click on the link at the foot of this page.

1 Apr 2017GSC's Plan for Growing Sydney
10 Mar 2017Federal vehicle emissions studies
9 Mar 2017North Sydney master plan
9 Mar 2017Bus priority - routes 412, 422, 423, 426, 428
28 Feb 2017Vineyard stage 1 precinct
28 Feb 2017Parliamentary inquiry into road tolling
31 Jan 2017NSW Future Transport Technology Roadmap
16 Dec 2016NSW and Climate Change
13 Dec 2016Rozelle Rail Yards at White Bay
12 Dec 2016Blue Mountains trains
19 Nov 2016Bays Precinct feedback
15 Nov 2016Olympic Park master plan
2 Nov 2016Parra Light Rail extension to Epping?
31 Oct 2016Western Sydney Rail Needs Scoping Study
17 Oct 2016Blue Mountains rail services
25 Sep 2016Moore Park Master Plan submission
7 Sep 2016Greater Macarthur Growth Area
2 Sep 2016Increasing the capacity of the western railway
30 Aug 2016New intercity rail carriages
1 Aug 2016APTNSW submission on RPAH staff carpark
21 Jul 2016APTNSW submission on access to rural transport etc
27 Jun 2016Sydney Metro Chatswood-Sydenham EIS submission
26 Jun 2016APTNSW submission on Smart Cities
27 May 2016APTNSW submission on Newcastle light rail
19 May 2016APTNSW submission on King St Wharf
4 May 2016Sydney bus priority program - submissions
22 Apr 2016Bankstown to Liverpool metro extension study
22 Apr 2016Heavy trucks helped through traffic first
31 Mar 2016National Guidelines for Transport System Management
28 Feb 2016APTNSW submission to connectivity inquiry
5 Feb 2016IPART review of Opal and other fares
31 Jan 2016Sydenham to Bankstown Urban Renewal Corridor
29 Jan 2016WestConnex - New M5 submission
18 Dec 2015Parramatta Road Urban Renewal Strategy
18 Dec 2015Western Sydney Airport EIS submission
18 Dec 2015Rozelle-Annandale bus changes
8 Dec 2015Bus stops to be deleted in Norton Street
9 Oct 2015IPART's proposed methodology for setting fares
27 Aug 2015IPART review of fare structures for Opal
17 Aug 2015APTNSW submission to Infrastructure Australia's audit
13 Aug 2015APTNSW letter to Minister about obtaining gold Opal cards
19 Jul 2015New inter-urban rail carriages
13 Jul 2015Sydney Metro City & South-west Review
25 Mar 2015IPART and external benefits of public transport
13 Mar 2015George St 2020 submission
13 Feb 2015Parramatta Road urban renewal submission
20 Jan 2015The case against Westconnex
10 Jan 2015Sydney City Centre Capacity Improvement Plan
19 Dec 2014Leppington Precinct Plan submission
15 Dec 2014CSELR modifications - APTNSW submission

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