Greetings to our members and friends, supporters and sources, readers and surfers, students and journalists, departments and authorities, and others attentive to the state of public transport in our city, state and country. This report summarises the actions taken and topics explored by APT during our year from October 2011 to September 2012, including the internal affairs of the organisation.

Of great concern was the announcement that the size of the tunnels to be bored for Sydney's new North West Rail Link (NWRL) would be too small to accommodate the current double-deck fleet. This has serious ramifications, not just for that line, but for the whole network for decades to come.

Another important event, but with less permanent consequences, was the granting of a contract to a private company to manage and operate Sydney's government owned ferry fleet.

During the year APT maintained formal and informal contact with owners and operators of most public transport systems in Sydney. We also made submissions to a wide range of enquiries and reviews.

Items posted on the APT web site during the year include:
09 Oct 2011Parramatta - Epping Railway - a low cost version
12 Nov 2011Simpler transit tickets are the answer to Bridge closure chaos
30 Nov 2011Still no plan for Sydney transport
13 Dec 2011Fare rises expected from 1st January 2012
15 Dec 2011New fares fail to provide handy rail ticket
29 Dec 2011Government dodges responsibility for fare rises
06 Jan 2012New paper on NSW rail reform published by
Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILTA)
15 Feb 2012APT meets IPART (Pricing Tribunal) regarding fares
19 Feb 2012Poll - should George Street be closed to car traffic?
20 Feb 2012"Give Way" signs on buses - a new safety risk
13 Mar 2012Poll - Public support for CBD congestion charging
13 Mar 2012Little concern for safety at Museum Station
22 Mar 2012Report card on one year of the O'Farrell government
23Mar 2012Customer Engagement on prices for monopoly services
30 Mar 2012Electronic devices and road safety
31 Mar 2012"Human Transit" by Jarrett Walker available from Gleebooks
26 Apr 2012APT's submission to government Master Plan discussion paper
27 Apr 2012APT meets Sydney Fast Ferries' management
04 May 2012Transport for NSW review of interchanges
05 May 2012Public interest in NSW Master Plan
06 May 2012Melbourne commuters concerned about lack of new blood in transport administration
13 May 2012APT's submission to IPART rail fares review
18 May 2012APT second submission to IPART rail fare review
18 May 2012Federal Opposition comments on urban transport
18May 2012Infrastructure NSW - Independent, but unbiased?
19 May 2012Submission to Inquiry into Inter-Regional public transport
22 May 2012Diesel fumes at Central railway station
24 May 2012NSW transport Master Plan stumbles
01 Jun 2012Taxi industry inquiry in Victoria
02 Jun 2012RailCorp's Corporate Plan 2012-13
05 Jun 2012"Sydney Over the Next Twenty Years" submission
12 Jun 2012APT meets Rail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) over bus privatisation
13 Jun 2012Passenger concerns over bus privatisation
29 Jun 2012Bus Industry Confederation (BIC) comment on Competitive Tendering
04 Jul 2012CityRail Xpress or Government Bugle?
13 Jul 2012Frequent Transit Network
14 Jul 2012North West Rail Link (NWRL) - the boring question of tunnel diameter
14 Jul 2012New Transport Advisory Board
20 Jul 2012"Understanding Australia's urban railways" Research report 131,
published by Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics, (BITRE)
29 Jul 2012Western Sydney Passengers' Symposium - 18 August 2012
01 Aug 2012Federal borrowing should fund infrastructure: Ian Spring
03 Aug 2012Australasian Railways Association (ARA) says carbon tax disadvantages railways
07 Aug 2012"Sydney's Rail Future" - a possible variation
10 Aug 2012Transit Officers being phased out before police can take over
13 Aug 2012Wayfinding around Sydney City
17 Aug 2012Sydney's Rail Future - questions for the Minister
06 Sep 2012Flawed draft long-term Master Plan
09 Sep 2012Infrastructure Partnerships Australia's submission to Infrastructure NSW
13 Sep 2012NWRL tunnel bore - question in Parliament

Matters on the radar for the next twelve months include:

Graeme Taylor