We are pleased to present to you - our members and friends, supporters and sources, readers and browsers, students and journalists, operators, administrators and passengers, and others with an interest in public transport - our latest annual report. This report summarises the actions taken and topics explored by APT during the past twelve months.

Again, the singular most important topic was the proposed size of the tunnels on the North West Rail Link (NWRL). Despite opposition from all quarters, the government has called tenders for the construction of tunnels with a diameter that will prevent any double-deck fleet from ever traversing that line. The decision affects not only that line, but creates problems in many other parts of the network, including more passengers being forced to stand for longer distances.

In recent weeks, the newly elected Abbott government in Canberra has warmly embraced the NSW government's proposed WestConnex motorway. Canberra has promised funds for the motorway but none for urban public transport.


During the year, APT moved with the times and joined the Twittersphere and opened an account on Facebook. The APT web site now has links to our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The web site now complies with HTML5. It is EEO throughout as required by law, unlike many other sites. It is accessible by hand-held devices. It has not been tested with IPv6 but will have to handle IPv6 eventually.

Offers to optimise the site for search engines arrive about once a week. A couple of the offers have been quite helpful.

The most popular pages have long been the 2001 Christie Report on rail futures. This is probably because the Governor of New Jersey, one Chris Christie, issues reports on various things and people search for them.

By far the most popular page with locals is the one discussing pros and cons of light rail.

There were indications for a while of attempts to misuse the website but some changes have been made and the indications have ceased. Note that the website does not deal in money or goods and people attacking it must be doing so for other reasons.


See our comments on the following issues under "Recent Topics" on the APT home page.
02 Oct 2012IPART draft report on CityRail fares from 2013
26 Oct 2012Submissions to draft NSW long-term Master Plan
26 Oct 2012Response to IPART draft report on CityRail fares for 2013
28 Oct 2012Dulwich Hill Light Rail - briefings
11 Nov 2012Public Meeting: How to fix Sydney's transport - 19th November
13 Nov 2012Proposed Light Rail extension to Dulwich Hill - APT submission
24 Nov 2012NRMA comments on draft long-term transport Master Plan
28 Nov 2012North-West Rail Link - Submission on EIS2
28 Nov 2012Rail and ferry fare rises from January 2013
05 Dec 2012Another submission to NWRL EIS2
07 Dec 2012Opal card launch - good news but more consultation needed
22 Dec 2012Multi-modal holiday public transport brochure - a first?
22 Dec 2012Buy bus tickets now to beat the fare rise
22 Dec 2012New paper on High-Speed Rail for Melbourne/Canberra/Sydney/Brisbane
31 Dec 2012Agents' stocks of bus tickets not replenished
09 Jan 2013North-West Rail Link - EIS2 submissions
14 Jan 2013Academics' scathing criticism of Sydney transport planning
29 Jan 2013Newcastle - rally against permanent closure of rail line
05 Feb 2013EcoTransit video criticises North West Rail Link (NWRL) plan
08 Feb 2013Darling Harbour - Centres Redevelopment
09 Feb 2013New Bus Industry Confederation (BIC) "Moving People" document
11 Feb 2013Proposed Strathfield Station upgrade - APT's submission
07 Mar 2013Evasive answers by TfNSW to submissions on NWRL
15 Mar 2013NWRL tunnel diameter - letter to the Minister
26 Mar 2013IPART Review of taxi fares - submission by APT
05 Apr 2013Submission to TfNSW on Ferry Wharf Access Policy
13 Apr 2013NWRL - seating issues on the proposed new trains
17 Apr 2013Newcastle Railway - submissions on future proposals
19 Apr 2013The 'hop' logo - progress towards an integrated public transport system
20 Apr 2013City and South East Light Rail (CSELR). APT submission
26 Apr 2013Northern Beaches Bus Rapid Transit Study - APT submission in response
03 May 2013Victoria's Auditor-General on managing traffic congestion
14 May 2013NWRL - What the Minister said on ABC-TV
16 May 2013NWRL tunnel diameter - vacuous reply from Minister
24 May 2013Changes to MyMulti tickets are a mean blow to ferry users
27 May 2013Letter to Minister regarding changes to MyMulti tickets and ferries
31 May 2013Will a Parramatta - Epping Railway ever be built?
02 Jun 2013Warringah Sustainable Transport Strategy - APT submission
08 Jun 2013IPART Issues Paper for Bus Fares Review - APT first submission
22 Jun 2013North West Rail Link (NWRL) tunnel diameter in Parliament again
23 Jun 2013IPART Issues Paper for Bus Fares Review - APT supplementary submission
30 Jun 2013High-speed Rail Study (Melbourne - Sydney - Brisbane) - APT submission
13 Jul 2013Tangara carriages - trial of reduced seating, but more people standing
15 Jul 2013Can overcrowding on the Western rail lines be relieved?
22 Jul 2013North West Rail Link (NWRL) - Ministerial meeting with residents cancelled
09 Aug 2013Ministerial credibility at stake re comments on Federal funding
21 Aug 2013NWRL - Issues of single-deck versus double-deck trains
28 Aug 2013Policies for Federal Election on 7th September 2013
31 Aug 2013Why does light rail dominate bus rapid transit in Australian urban planning?
08 Sep 2013Rail project funding to be cut by the new Abbott federal government
09 Sep 2013Wire-free trams for George Street?
10 Sep 2013TfNSW document reveals arbitrariness in major decisions
13 Sep 2013APT submission to TfNSW on CBD-South East light rail (CSELR)
18 Sep 2013John Morandini's Quantum Bus
20 Sep 2013IPART Review of Stockton and Private Ferry Fares - APT submission
23 Sep 2013New suburban train timetable starting 20 October 2013
30 Sep 2013Opal Card Fails the Integration Test


Again, we thank all members for their direct support, both financial and operational, during the year, and also those members who give their support indirectly through letters to the editor and involvement in other campaigns.

We are always in need of members who can write submissions in response to various inquiries or reviews conducted by state and federal governments, local councils or other authorities. There are usually about four or five of these in progress at any one time. We also need members who can represent APT at public meetings, discussions, seminars, etc.

We look forward to another challenging year.

Graeme Taylor
1st November 2013