Action for Public Transport (NSW) Inc.

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Report to members - year ended 30 September 2016

Action for Public Transport has continued its tradition of well-informed comment on transport matters, including submissions on EISs and REFs of many proposals. Also, letters on many transport-related topics were sent to Ministers in NSW and Federal governments and to other officials. These letters and submissions can be seen on under Recent Topics.

Additionally, your committee members attended a large number of meetings about transport and land-use questions. We deplore the continuing tendency of governments to relegate public transport to behind the private car and well behind its proper place.

APTNSW's greatest need at present is to have public transport issues raised more often in social and other media; that would lead to our submissions receiving more attention and passengers receiving more consideration than at present. All members could help with this - the occasional letter to editors and/or ministerial offices can work wonders.

We once more thank our loyal members for their patient support.