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Items about the North-West Rail Link aka Sydney Metro

2 February 2016Conversion of the Hurstville line abandoned.Link
4 December 2015Major conversion work will be needed on the Bankstown line to straighten platforms at several stations. Platform gates cannot operate safely on curved track.Link
11 May 2015The seven-month shutdown for conversion of the Macquarie line from double-deck to single-deck will be preceded by a period of four months during which the line will be run as a Chatswood-Epping shuttle.Link
21 April 2015A broken-down train at Warrawee blocks the Up Shore line. Fortunately, services from Hornsby are diverted to travel via Epping. This will be impossible after ECRL is converted to NWRL use.  
9 April 2015Authorities are unable to say whether the Bankstown line will close for long periods of conversion.Link
8 April 2015NSW government announcement claims that Sydney Rapid Transit will have a capacity of 100,000 passengers/hour. It won't.Link
16 February 2015An academic criticises the decision to spend money converting the Bankstown line to single-deck when the greatest need is elsewhere.Link
4 November 2014Daily Telegraph reports that bus trips between Epping and Chatswood will be much slower than train during tunnel conversion.Link
29 September 2014Report that seating on NWRL trains is to be further reduced, with seats for only 30% of passenger capacity. The report does not discuss the number of passengers expected to reach Chatswood in the morning peak.Link
19 September 2014Confirmation that ECRL will be closed, with services replaced by buses, for seven months during conversionLink
16 September 2014Some particulars are announced at contract signing (six cars/train initially, 15 trains/hour each way in peak initially, capacity ~17000/hour each way with up to 6000 seated) but still no statement of how long ECRL will close during conversionLink, Link
11 September 2014Legislative Council motion is raised to establish a subcommittee inquiry into the NWRL 
8 September 2014A tree falls onto the railway at Killara. Fortunately, services for Hornsby and beyond are diverted at Chatswood to travel via Epping. This will be impossible after ECRL is converted to NWRL use.Link
19 August 2014We learn what type of ticket barriers will be used at NWRL stations but we still don't know how many seats in trainsLink
6 July 2014Paper by Stephen Bathgate on crashworthiness etc. of light trainsLink
12 June 2014Yet another opinion piece slams the narrow-bore decisionLink
10 June 2014The problematic Cabramatta interchange has disappeared from maps of the Sydney Rapid Transit systemLink
27 May 2014Another academic criticises NWRL's choice of single-deck trainsLink
5 May 2014At a public meeting, Rodd Staples is unable to say how long "upgrading" the Epping-Chatswood tunnels to single-deck will takeLink
24 March 2014Premier O'Farrell comes out in support of single-deck trainsLink
18 March 2014Planning Institute's perverse award for "public engagement and community planning"Link
30 January 2014Leaked document Rail Futures Investigations updates Sydney's Rail Future. Tier One trains - the single-deck metros - will serve Warringah and the East Hills line to Revesby eventually.Link
30 January 2014Emails within Transport for NSW suggest that Chatswood crowding problems will be worse than admitted Link
30 November 2013Information and Privacy Commission criticises T4NSW for not releasing its analysis of terminating NWRL trains at ChatswoodLink
23 September 2013Report by Neil Douglas surfaces, questioning whether single-deck trains have the capacity to improve services on existing Sydney lines. This report has been kept secret by T4NSWLink
21 August 2013Action for Public Transport publishes article identifying the outstanding issues of double-deck versus single-deck servicesLink
17 August 2013Two articles published in Sydney Morning Herald report on local and overseas experts criticising T4NSW for not releasing certain information about NWRL Link
7-8 August 2013Sandy Thomas presents updated 1855 Revisited paper at NSW Transport Infrastructure Summit 2013 Portrait
5 August 2013Action for Public Transport meets representatives of the NRWL team to discuss comparative merits of single- versus double-deck trains. T4NSW does not send a representative---
22 July 2013Minister for transport Gladys Berejiklian withdraws at short notice from scheduled meeting with Beecroft and Cheltenham residents about NWRL tunnel diameter, apparently due to late notice of meeting details---
15 July 2013Action for Public Transport examines what will be needed on the Western lines post-NWRLLink
13 July 2013SMH article remarks on the Minister's lack of transparency in transport policiesLink
26 June 2013Letter to Minister explaining the need for proper use of single-deck trainsLink
25 June 2013Tunnel contract awarded as foreshadowed---
20 June 2013Another simple question in NSW Parliament about NWRL tunnel bore and the Minister's responseLink
6 June 2013Minister announces that NWRL trains will be driverless and that platform edges will have glass gates that open when a train is adjacentLink
31 May 2013Action for Public Transport examines whether the Parramatta-Epping Rail Link will still be feasible post-NWRLLink
30 May 2013SMH opinion column laments the Parramatta-Epping Rail Link. Contains errors of fact - the author does not realise that the Berejiklian plan for the NWRL means Parra-Epping can never be built as originally intended.Link
29 May 2013Federal government defers Parramatta-Epping Rail Link funding until 2019. NSW government says that NWRL is more important than PERL, with or without federal money.Link
16 May 2013Minister's vacuous reply to Action for Public Transport's letter of 15 March about tunnel diameter.Link
12 May 2013Action for Public Transport's analysis of the Minister's stated position.Link
10 May 2013Breaking Bradfield, item on ABC TV 7:30 report questions the appropriateness of splitting Sydney's railway system. Minister Berejiklian tells interviewer Quentin Dempster that she is proud to be introducing single-deck trains.Link
8 May 2013Minister Berejiklian, interviewed in the Northern District Times (page 3), says the NWRL trains will have a capacity of 1300 passengers. This is an advance of 100 passengers on previous announcements. The number seated is not stated.---
24 April 2013Directors of NSW Planning and Infrastructure recommend that their Minister approve stage 2 as set out in EIS2. This assessment report confirms that peak-hour Northern Line trains will travel via Strathfield to terminate at Central.Link
April 2013Peter Mills' analysis of long-term seating availability on double- and single-deck trainsLink
15 March 2013Action for Public Transport's letter to the NSW Minister for Transport recommending that the NWRL be built to carry double-deck trainsLink
10 March 2013Sydney Morning Herald opinion Queries on rail line to nowhere questions whether people will like the north-west rail linkLink
7 March 2013Action for Public Transport criticises some evasive official responses to submissions to second NWRL EISLink
February 2013Sandy Thomas' paper Fixing the Trains in Sydney: 1855 Revisited Portrait
February 2013Unfit for Purpose, video by Eco-Transit Sydney, questions whether single-deck trains are appropriate for the outer suburbsLink
28 December 2012Minister faces resident backlash over changes to train services - Sydney Morning Herald article reports on numerous contrary submissions to second NWRL EISLink
13 December 2012NSW Long Term Transport Master PlanLink
December 2012Transport Policy at the Crossroads, paper by Paul Mees and Lucy Groenhart. Pages 20-21 have a scathing criticism of Sydney transport planning, especially Infrastructure NSW's bias toward cars and against double-deck trainsLink
December 2012Sydney's Light Rail Future issues. Page 15 explains why the CBD part of the line from UNSW to Circular Quay should be built at the same time as the rest - precisely the opposite conclusion from the NWRL planLink
November 2012Peter Mills' submission to the second EIS of NWRLLink
November 2012Action for Public Transport's submission to the second EIS of NWRLLink
30 October 2012Sydney Morning Herald reports that buses from the Hills area to the Sydney CBD will become feeders to local railway stations when the NWRL opensLink
2 October 2012Sydney Morning Herald reports that NWRL commuters changing trains at Chatswood will face crowded platforms and crowded trainsLink
September 2012The North West Rail Link: winners and losers in the locality of the North West area, by Clifton, Hensher and Mulley - ATRF2012. Analyses the probable effects on travel times of the NWRL and concludes that many trips will take longer than on the current M2 bus services.Link
September 2012Industry briefing on NWRL states requirement for 1500VDC power and grade capability up to 4.5%Link
6 September 2012Question in NSW Parliament about NWRL tunnel bore and the Minister's responseLink
6 September 2012Action for Public Transport comments that the draft long-term transport master plan is "not a plan but rather a large amount of verbiage written in defence of a number of decisions which were made last year"Link
4 September 2012Release of draft long-term transport master planLink
August 2012Action for Public Transport's letter to the Minister remarking that effective public consultation is not happeningLink
July 2012Sydney's Constrained Rail Future, a paper by Peter Mills, analyses long-term difficulties of the proposed three-tier train systemLink
14 July 2012Action for Public Transport comments on problems with Sydney's Rail FutureLink
4 July 2012Sydney Morning Herald reports fears that smaller tunnels will lock off transport optionsLink
29 June 2012Railroaded? Metro rail alternatives for western Sydney, Dick Day's assessment of Sydney's Rail FutureLink
20 June 2012Sydney's Rail Future, the first official announcement of the three-tier train system. Pages 22-26 give plausible reasons for mixing train types but do not show why metro-style trains should service the long trip to Rouse Hill.Link
6 October 2011Sydney Morning Herald carries a leaked story that NSW cabinet has been considering single-deck trains for Sydney and a three-tier systemLink
August 2011Improving Customer Experience, paper by the Tipping Point Institute. Page 23 has a chart showing that single-deck trains lose their inner-city advantage when stations get further apart than about 1 km and that double-deck trains are appropriate with stations further apart.Link
8 July 2011Sydney Morning Herald questions re-routing away from Beecroft dive in favour of staying underground at EppingLink
10 March 2011Gladys Berejiklian, before election to Minister, insists to a meeting at Epping that the NWRL will be approved by Infrastructure NSW---
16 September 2010Rodd Staples gives evidence to Legislative Council committee on costs of cancelling the Rees metro systemLink
26 May 2010Independent Public Inquiry, sponsored by SMH, publishes its final report. Pages 241-254 and 455-468 set out Alex Wardrop's analysis of the need for a new city line and harbour crossing and also a comparision of capabilities of double- and single-deck rolling stock. Link
21 February 2010Keneally government releases Metropolitan Transport Plan, Connecting the City of Cities and cancels Nathan Rees' CBD metro and West Metro. NWRL construction is to start in 2017. The project will be supported by extra tracks between Chatswood and St Leonards.---
February 2010Independent Public Inquiry, sponsored by SMH, publishes its interim report---
4 December 2009Leaked Transport Blueprint (destined never to be officially released) shows all Gosford and Wyong trains terminating at ChatswoodLink
31 October 2008Rees government postpones Morris Iemma's north-west metro indefinitely---
23 October 2008Rees government announces CBD-to-Rozelle metro---
March 2008Iemma government announces north-west metro from the CBD through Gladesville and Epping to Mungerie Park---
24 September 2007SMH article reports NSW Treasury (under Michael Costa) opposition to rail expansion program, including NWRL---
late 2006Reported opposition to NWRL going underground at Beecroft - locals fear a 6-track megarailway thundering through Cheltenham---
9 June 2005Metropolitan Rail Expansion Program announced, including NWRL---
10 March 2002Transport minister Carl Scully releases preferred route of proposed Epping to Mungerie Park railway---
June 2001The original Christie report: Long-term Strategic Plan for RailLink
May 2001Carr government cancels the proposed Epping to Castle Hill railway---
1998First promise of N W Rail Link, to be open by 2010 at a cost of $50 million per kilometre, according to Liberal spokesman in 2010---

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