Action for Public Transport (N.S.W.) Inc.

 P O Box K606
 Haymarket NSW 1240
 23 October 2017

SSI 8285 Parramatta Light Rail - Stage 1

Submission on EIS

Action for Public Transport (NSW) is a transport advocacy group active in Sydney since 1974. We promote the interests of beneficiaries of public transport - both of passengers and the wider community. We make this submission on the Environmental Impact Statement dated August 2017 for Stage 1 of the Parramatta Light Rail service.


This project is a major investment for the NSW Government and every effort should be made to ensure that its construction is completed with minimal disruption and that its operation is successful and leads to light rail becoming a popular transport mode in the Parramatta area. Several matters should be considered:


The EIS is quite sound however a few points should be attended to.


We recommend that:

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