*** WHAT'S ON ***

Wed. 17 March

TOPICAL SONG CONCERT, Song Session for Public Transport LP Record - To be produced and sung by 2JJ's BOB HUDSON - Be there with YOUR immortal no.s 7 pm - Studio 221 (the BIG studio), ABC Building, Upper Forbes St., Darlinghurst (see Commissionaire for directions if you get lost !)

Thur. 18 March


Sat. 27 March

2 pm Proposed meeting of Journalists, Publicity Collective and budding Spokespeople at the NSW Environment Centre, 263 Broadway - PLEASE RING US BY FRIDAY, 19 MARCH IF YOU ARE COMING ! ! !

29 - 31 March

"MARKETING URBAN TRANSPORT" - A Seminar organised by the Australian Dept. of Transport at the Melbourne Hilton Hotel. 2 overseas speakers, Mr. David Bayliss (UK) and Mr. Harold Geissenheimer (USA), as well as Dr. S. Joy, ex Chief Economist, British Rail, and author of "The Train That Ran Away" and others - The S.P.T.C. WILL BE REPRESENTED !

Wed. 31 March

4 pm Chifley Square - DEMONSTRATION AGAINST NELSON ROCKEFELLER, US Vice President & Czar of the Oil Co's.

Mon. 5 April

MONTHLY GENERAL MEETING - 5:30 pm NSW Environment Centre, 263 Broadway See News Items for likely topics of discussion

13 - 14 April

Australian Transport Research Forum, Adelaide

29 - 30 May

Proposed NATIONAL CONFERENCE of Public Transport Activists - Melbourne. Action for Public Transport, our Victorian counterpart, have agreed to act as the Co-ordinators - Details from us or Graeme Bertram on (03) 60-1561 (0) or:
636 Bourke St., MELBOURNE 3000.

5 June

e DAY (otherwise known as World Environment Day) Activities organised by the Australian Environment Council in co-operation with the UNITED NATIONS. Concurrent with the UN HABITAT CONFERENCE, VANCOUVER. A cycle rally, promoted by Ald. Leo Port, Sydney's Lord Mayor, and others will highlight the need for TRAFFIC-FREE ZONES in cities. (We're glad they're FINALLY getting the message! - Ed.)


Last month we reported on the elusive MR. BRUXNER, Minister for Transport & Highways and our problems in getting a date to see him. Despite numerous letters, phone calls, telegrams, etc., his staff still can't give us the date, although they assure us he is anxious to meet us. If it's any consolation, we're not the only people he won't see. The Gosford Shire Commuters' Association is having the same problem. If YOU feel strongly about this, please write to:
The Hon. J. C. Bruxner, M. L. A.,
Minister for Transport & Highways,
117 Macquarie St., SYDNEY 2000 and tell him so.


Mr. Bruxner DOES see some people however. He gave a strong assurance on Wednesday, 3 March, that no work would take place on the site of the proposed Greenacre-Enfield container terminal until a further conference was held. This conference will take place on Monday, 22 March at the Bankstown Council Chambers and will include representatives from the Committee Against Container Terminal (the residents group), the 5 Councils opposing the terminal, Nick Kearns, M.L.A. (Labor-Bankstown), officers of the P.T.C., D.M.R. and Planning & Environment Commission AND Mr. Bruxner and Sir John Fuller.

Despite this promise, 3 bulldozers, a team of workers and a fleet of trucks moved onto the site on Thursday, 11 March, and proceeded with demolition and clearing.

The Chairman of the residents Campaign Committee, Ross Sullivan, phoned Acting Chief Commissioner Trimmer who claimed he could not stop the work proceeding. Mr. Sullivan told the Commissioner that this was tantamount to accusing the Minister of lying. Allan and Don visited the site and spoke to the Site Engineer who said the work was necessary for safety reasons, although Mr. Bruxner had not mentioned this when making his now famous (infamous ?) promise. The engineer claimed it would be uneconomical to fence off the safety "hazards" which have been in the same condition for some months. He also said he would be obliged to proceed with the work unless instructed otherwise by his superiors, while making it clear he was speaking as a PTC employee and did not necessarily agree with the PTC's policies and methods. Allan informed the media and the Opposition of this serious breach of a Ministerial agreement.

NEEDLESS TO SAY, THE WORK CONTINUED THE FOLLOWING DAY ! So much for State Government promises !


We have a virulent strain of election fever germs in this issue, as we urgently need to organise our State Election Campaign (which may be just around the corner !). We will need to hold a meeting of Electorate Campaign Organisers SOON so please contact us by Friday, 19/3/76, re this if you have already offered your services.


Coogee, Cronulla, Miranda, Georges River, Hurstville, Gosford, Nepean. CAN YOU HELP ? ? ?

WOULD ALL ORGANISATIONAL MEMBERS PLEASE CONTACT US WITH ESTIMATES OF FUNDS THEY EXPECT TO RAISE FOR THIS CAMPAIGN ? ? ? DONATIONS from individual members will also be very welcome ! Our phone numbers are: 61-3993, 26-3512 (Allan or Don) or 95-5731 (Don at home)


We have had the opportunity of commenting, unofficially, on the design of the bus platforms at the new Edgecliff Bus-Rail Interchange. Recommendations were made regarding control of bus exhaust fumes & wind protection for waiting passengers.


Ron Best is setting up an information service on timetable alterations for PTC (and hopefully private) bus services. For information phone him on 259 6440 (Bus. Hrs).


The NSW Institute of Technology has ordered 15 "collapsible" (folding?) pushbikes for hire to students on a trial basis.

The General Manager of Cycles Peugeot in Australia, Geoff Key, said recently that Australia is experiencing the "cycle boom," and predicted sales of 350,000 in 1976, primarily for recreational rather than commuting purposes. He said that the boom would bring big problems; bicycles were incompatible with motor cars, and safe cycleways would be needed urgently. There was likely to be a flood of inferior products to satisfy rapidly increasing demand, and consumers should be wary of these. The Standards Association of Australia was working on standards which would minimise this problem. (In fact the SAA will this week consider final comment on the draft standard.) The Sydney City Council is planning cycleways connecting Circular Quay, Central, the Institute of Technology and the University. NSW has at least three cycleways - the Harbour Bridge, one at St Ives High School (300m), and one at Nowra (600m).


Our convenor, Alan Sorrenson, has applied for a job which would require him to be out of Sydney most of the time. If he is successful he will not be able to continue as convenor, and an election will take place at the next General Meeting.


It looks as if the Membership Drive leaflet will be ready soon at last. Please contact us to let us know how many copies you can distribute.


The Botany Bay Planning and Protection Council has prepared an excellent report on the Botany Bay Coal Loader. Among the many expected ill effects of the coal loader is disruption to train services on the Western, Bankstown and East Hills lines. Copies of the report are available from:
Botany Bay Planning and Protection Council,
P.O. Box 9,
Oyster Bay. 2225.


We know why deliveries of new doubledeck carriages have dropped to the lowest rate that the manufacturer can support: lack of finance. We know why the Eastern Suburbs Railway has been curtailed to Bondi Jct: lack of finance. But we know that there are a lot of other faults in the PTC service that cannot be excused simply by crying poor.

We all have our pet hates: having to race to the middle of the platform because we didn't see that it was only a four car train; not being able to put an elbow on the window sill of a doubledeck carriage; or waiting at a bus stop for half an hour with no way of knowing when the next bus is due.

We all have our ideas about what should be done: more bus-only lanes, better designs for future orders of new carriages, better information systems, and many more - ideas that require imagination and initiative rather than vast capital outlay.

If you have ideas, however trivial, tell your friends, tell the PTC, tell us. With your ideas we may be able to produce a set of imaginative, reasoned and economical proposals - and perhaps embarrass the authorities into doing something positive. Remember - the squeaky wheel gets the most oil.


Brisbane City Council has ordered 98 Volvo B59 buses for $6,198,000.

Benders Busways (Geelong) has ordered two (2) Leyland Nationals. The March issue of the Australian Railways Historical Society Bulletin contains a long article, illustrated, on the history of Sydney's electric trains.


Don Morison is doing some research for a booklet to be entitled something like this. It will investigate suburbs such as Waterloo, Woolloomooloo, Botany and Greenacre; some major issues such as public transport, energy alternatives, and air and water quality; and the roles and potential roles of various groups in making decisions about the future of Sydney.

Don wants to interview people who live or work in the suburbs mentioned, as well as officers or shareholders of companies involved in high rise developments or the Botany Bay and Greenacre development proposals. Anyone who is available for interview is invited to contact:
Don Morison,
20 Byora Crescent,
Tel 95 5731 (H).


The NRMA is conducting a survey to try to discover why people bring their cars into the city. Information sought includes whether people would use public transport more often if parking charges were increased, or if public transport was cheaper, faster, more frequent and more reliable. Motorists are also being asked what they think are the advantages and disadvantages of car pools: whether they like to have other people in a motor vehicle with them, whether they would dislike being members of car pools because of the time lost in picking other people up whether they dislike sitting with strangers, feeling dependent on other people, trusting other people's driving, and so on.

We are confident that the data from this survey, tabled unselectively, will add weight to our argument that improved public transport and exclusion of cars from the city are complementary measures in improving Sydney's transport system. No doubt the NRMA is aware of our campaign to exclude cars from the city centre, and is conducting this survey as a helpful response.


The General Meeting of 1/3/76 appointed 5 commuters as provisional members and substitute members of the proposed transport advisory group, which will now consist of Opposition politicians and commuters only, as several major unions will not come to the party.

The State Opposition has not exactly been forcing the pace to get the group set up, but we hope to hold the next meeting within two weeks. Individuals and organisations are invited to make further nominations, and permanent members of the group will be appointed at the General Meeting of 5/4/76, to hold office for six months or until the State election, whichever is the shorter period.

The 5 provisionally appointed are: Ron Best, engineer, Cremorne; Ian Lisser, station assistant; Kevin Parish, President of the Gosford Commuters Association; Monica Petry, social worker, Chatswood West; Allan Sorrensen, greaser and mechanic, no fixed address.


You may well ask!, They are the Australian and State ministers for the Environment, and at present include such a well known environmentalist as the "Premier of Queensland, busily preserving Aurukun, the Great Barrier Reef, etc. Miracles do happen sometimes though. The Council is currently proposing to hold bicycle rallies in all capital cities on World Environment Day (E Day), Saturday 5th June. These rallies are part of a world wide campaign, which itself is part of a United Nations Community Education Programme. This is designed to achieve car free zones in cities, around the world.

While we applaud the objectives, we are skeptical of the methods so far proposed, which include giving away free Coke, and badges saying "I rode a bike for E Day." We feel that such a powerful body should be much more positive, and immediately declare Car Free Zones in all capital cities for one month's trial. We have issued a news release to this effect.


The next newsletter-publishing, working-bee and general chit-chat day: Saturday 10th April, at 28 Nithsdale St, Sydney, from 10am (or any time you like). COME ALONG.
Thanks to: Don Morison (sec), Allan Sorrensen, Kevin Eadie, Geoff Dawson, Fred Turvey, Nuala Gattenhof, and Bob Miller.